Example Log Data Repository

Use any of these files to try out and explore process mining on your own.

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Purchasing Imagine you are the manager of a purchasing process and you have the following problems. First of all, you’re looking for ways to make the process more efficient. You don’t really know how you can do that but you have the feeling that there’s room for improvement in this process. This log file contains the time stamped activities for a purchasing process. For example, someone wants to buy a new computer. This is the requestor. He first needs to get approval of his manager that he can spend this money on a new computer. Afterwards, the request goes to the purchasing department, which will look for the best options. Afterwards, the computer will be ordered, and supplied by the supplier, and eventually, there’s an invoice that will be sent and paid through the financial department.
Auto Repair In this example, you are interested to understand the dynamics of your automobile repair process. Specifically, you want to know how you might provide better service and keep your valuable customers informed about the staus of their vehicle. Additionally, you’re interested in simulating labor changes or throughput adjustments before making changes to the eco system.
Call Center As an executive in charge of customer relations, you’re interested to understand the dynamics in your call center. Where do you observe excessive steps, which might indicate inefficiency? What some common traits associated with lengthy case resolutions. Are these opportunities to create data-driven KPIs, which will help drive your operations in the right direction while satisfying customers?
Download CSV template Use this CSV template to create a log using your own data. Download this template offline. Copy and paste your log event data in the proper format, save the file, return here to import the data, and create the BPMN diagram for your process. See Help for additional documentation.