Process Technologies


Innovate & adapt quickly

Gain competitive advantage

Mitigate Threats

Understand emergent patterns

Reduce costs

Find and fix waste

Our cloud process discovery and consulting services help enterprise and government clients understand emergent patterns of life, mitigate threats, and reduce costs with technology as big as the Information Age.

Threat Mitigation

Your organization is a complex ecosystem with emergent patterns of life that must be monitored and may be exploited. Process technologies provide information awareness and threat mitigation..

Process Transparency

Process mining is an X-ray capability for your organization. It allows you to see what’s really happening. Visualize what needs to be fixed, and make corrections with confidence.

Strategic Support

Your growing company has just closed another strategic acquisition. Congratulations. Your team is helping complete a major corporate streamlining that is merging two IT-heavy departments into one. But does your team really have the data-driven tools they need to merge the workflows, data streams and software processes of two organizations? We give you the tools to run what-if simulations and take the guesswork out of making two organizations behave like one. White Paper.

Close Better Deals

It’s 3AM Eastern. Your largest customer in Tokyo says they want to double their order, but need reassurances you can deliver on time. Does your team know where your corporate bottlenecks are? With our SaaS offering, you could find out, and give your team the hard data to close the deal with confidence.

Risk Mitigation

Regulatory compliance is not optional. Use our process mining tools to reduce organizational risk and drive quality with continual monitoring and intelligent alerts for your critical processes.

Operational Excellence

Our tools empower your team to redesign processes with confidence. We can help you measure improvement efforts continually and drive quick & accurate understanding of quality and productivity bottlenecks.

Industry 4.0 Enabler

Process mining is a foundational enabler for initiatives like robotic process automation (RPA), digital transformation, and digital twinning.

Drive Improvement

Process mining helps drive your organization purposefully with data driven key performance indicators (KPI), simulated scenarios, and workflow enhancements.

System Efficiency

Process mining ensures your systems support the organization strategically with transparency and continuous monitoring. And, it helps close real or perceived gaps between IT and the rest of the organization.

Minimize Downtime

Augment routine- or time-based maintenance with predictive insights derived from your processes. Our tools and optimization know-how enable organizations to avoid unexpected down time and save tremendous costs with predictive maintenance based on process trends.

Customer Loyalty

You’re in the competitive hospitality industry where customer experience (CX) is a major driver of brand loyalty and, of course, revenue. It’s important that your customer facing personnel interact in ways that are likely to give you that competitive edge. Our tools help your staff conform to vital CX process steps. When deviations occur, managers incorporate on-the-spot training so you keep your customers.

The Key

Your organization has a treasure trove of unexploited data. Process mining is the key which unlocks the data.

Black Box

Your processes are black boxes. You have no idea how efficient your processes are. Worse, you have no idea where your processes are costing you money. Research suggests that unexamined processes significantly impact the bottomline.

Existential Risk

21st century organizations depend upon IT systems to operate. Organizations which don’t adopt Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at existential risk. “If you dislike change, you’re going to dislike irrelevance even more.” GEN Eric Shinseki, U. S. Army (Ret.)