Policy Statement: Information Warfare Defense and Cognitive Security

Information warfare is an attack on freedom and individual liberty. A whole-of-society effort is needed to counter this threat.

More Cowbell Unlimited, Inc. is committed to developing an ethical business aligned with freedom and individual liberty. In support of this commitment, we build a social culture of vigilance, train our workforce on information operations and cognitive security, identify and mitigate information-related vulnerabilities constantly, prepare for inevitable information attack, and contribute to the greater good as a vested stakeholder.

The information age is a glorious dawning which promises hope, abundance, and solutions to persistent human challenges. It has also turned the entire planetary ecosystem into an information warfare battle space–fueled by weaponized artificial intelligence. Information warfare is no longer confined to far away military theaters of operations.

Smart, creative, driven, and well-resourced state and non-state adversaries are attacking the free world. The United States and its allies should assume that all aspects of society—including public and private critical infrastructures, government agencies of all sizes, all other businesses and universities, the online social commons, and local communities–are all breached despite best security efforts and are under attack at this very moment.

Information warfare uses information itself as the weapon. The strategic long-term goal is to destabilize and topple societies. Tactical attacks may have wide varying short-term goals or no discernable goals. This should be considered a chronic disease with no cure; however, it may be managed. It is, therefore, in every organization’s interests to defend against this growing threat. Information warfare defense and cognitive security is a cost of doing business in the 21st Century.

Information warfare attacks introduce data meticulously into human or machine cognitive processes which incline the victim toward taking an action that favors the attacker. Cognitive processes are ubiquitous–within societies, organizations, and individual people.

John Bicknell
CEO|Founder, More Cowbell Unlimited, Inc.