John Bicknell founded More Cowbell Unlimited to help America remain a beacon of hope and strength on the world stage. America must adopt Process Dominance as a core capability in order to innovate and survive in the Information Age. His vision is for process technologies to be as ubiquitous as processes are.
John is a national security thought leader and passionate analytics visionary. He has written extensively on national security matters related to information warfarecritical infrastructure defense, and space situational awareness. John leads software and business development efforts for More Cowbell Unlimited.
Before retiring from the United States Marine Corps in 2010 as a Lieutenant Colonel, John served worldwide most notably in Afghanistan and at the Pentagon. He led enterprise-level process intensive human resources supply chain projects designed to discover inefficiencies, architect solutions, and re-purpose manpower savings. In his corporate career, he operationalized an Analytics Center of Excellence for a large EdTech firm, among other accomplishments.
John is also Vice President for the Information Professionals Association and host of The Cognitive Crucible podcast. His Master’s degree from the Naval Postgraduate School emphasizes econometrics and operations research. John lives with his family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


BE, Civil Engineering (1990)
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN

MS, Manpower Management (2000)
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA

Select Research, Presentations, and Patents

March 2023 (Upcoming – Submitted)
Seventh Annual Workshop on Naval Applications of Machine Learning
“Power Projection Using Process Technologies Tool (PPUPTT)”

February 2023
US Army TRADOC Mad Scientist Podcast (iTunes/Spotify)
Complexity, Entropy, and Faster Battlefield Decisions

January 2023
Information Professionals Association Article
The Coin of the Realm: Understanding and Predicting Relative System Behavior

August 2022
Tim Ventura Video Podcast
Space Domain Awareness & Predictive AI

July 2022
DoD Joint Staff SMA Speaker Series (YouTube)
Speaker Page: “Identifying and Exploiting Fleeting Opportunities in Complex Systems

April 2022
Brute Krulak Innovation Summit (YouTube)
“Measuring and Exploiting Entropy”

March 2022
Sixth Annual Workshop on Naval Applications of Machine Learning (Poster/Video)
“Measuring and Exploiting Entropy Shifts in Time Series Ecosystems”

Jan 2022
ColdStar Podcast (iTunes/Spotify)
“Space Domain Awareness and the OODA Loop”

Jan 2022
AstroBen Podcast (iTunes/Spotify)
“Space Domain Awareness”

Oct 2021
State of Readiness Podcast
Companion Article: Process Mining, Situational Awareness, and Competitive Advantage

April 2021
INFORMS Business Analytics Conference
“Advances in Process Mining”

September 2020
AFWERX Space Challenge Showcase
“Foundational Process Analytics for Space Infrastructure Continual Health Monitoring, Hardening, and Resiliency”

July 2020
NECSI ICCS 2020 Conference
“Organizational Reflexive Modeling”

February 2020
INFORMS Conference on Security
“Organizational Reflexive Modeling”

December 2019
MORS Emerging Techniques Forum
“Botnet Discovery, Organizational Dynamics, and Other Process Mining National Security Use Cases”

November 2019
Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Hyperspace Challenge
“Human Aid & Disaster Relief (HADR) Pattern of Life Modeling”

October 2019
Panelist: Cyber Security for Manufacturers
“Information Warfare  and Critical Infrastructure”

June 2019
MORS Annual Symposium
“Protecting Critical Infrastructures with Process Mining”

June 2019
MORS Annual Symposium
“Methodologies for Discovering and Understanding Process Ecosystems”

April 2019
INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics
“Process Mining: The Capability Every Organization Needs”

December 2018
MORS Emerging Techniques Forum
“Make Your Data Happy with Automated Process Discovery”

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FOCAL Information Warfare Defense (IW-D) StandardTM: The world’s first and only IW-D Standard. Article and technical paper.

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US Patent No. 10,846,194: Methods and Systems for Estimating Process Capacity

US Patent No. 11,190,535: Methods and Systems for Inferring Behavior and Vulnerabilities from Process Models

US Patent No. 11,481,306: Methods and Systems for Estimating Process Capacity