National Security Education Augmentation

Process mining is an emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning technique which is perfectly suited to fill educational needs:

Features include:
  • National security and Industry relevance
  • Custom instruction tailored to course requirements
  • Explainable AI
  • Analytics literacy and Media literacy
  • Hands on tutorials with real data (Twitter, for example)
  • Real world case studies

Engagement Options

Seminar or Guest Lecture

Potential Topics:

  • Process Mining & Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Information Warfare Defense: a Whole of Society Effort
  • Discovering and Elucidating Complex Ecosystems
  • Process Mining: The Capability Every Organization Needs
  • Technical Discussion or Custom Topic

Tailored Course Module with Lab

Augment courses with this module. Learn a highly relevant emerging artificial intelligence technique. Customizes instruction and introduces process mining to a variety classrooms:

  • Graduate or undergraduate analytics students
  • Graduate or undergraduate business students
  • Process Improvement Professionals

Capstone, Group Project, or Thesis Mentoring

Highly customized projects tailored to student research interests. Mentoring may include:

  • Basic research & time management skills
  • Analytic skills and coding (reinforce or augment)
  • Report and presentation guidance
  • Customized research possibilities:
  • Social & Critical Infrastructure Defense
  • Cyber, Information Warfare, Space ISR
  • Business Process Improvement

Seminar or Guest Lecture

Honorarium plus Travel
  • National Security
  • Business
  • Custom Topic

Tailored Course Module with Lab

Starting at $10,000
/Course plus Travel
  • "PRO" Software plan, plus:
  • Two (2) Classroom Lectures
  • One (1) Hands on Lab
  • Up to 20 student software licenses
  • Premium technical support
  • One (1) Seminar or Guest Lecture included
  • Virtual or On-site

project mentoring

Starting at $5,000
/Month plus Travel
  • "PRO" software plan, plus
  • Customized, pioneering research
  • Basic research & time management skills
  • Cutting edge analytics
  • Report and presentation guidance
  • Software licenses
  • Advanced Technical and Strategic Support
  • One (1) Seminar or Guest Lecture included per Project
  • Virtual or On-site