Process Technologies

National Security

Process Dominance

A strategic imperative

Gray Box

Intelligence augmentation

Patterns of Life

From petabytes of data

America must innovate in order to remain a beacon of hope and strength on the world stage. Process dominance is part of the innovation package.

Our process technologies discover and elucidate processes of national security interest and provide gray box intelligence augmentation.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Process mining scales across public and private critical infrastructure participants and identifies cyber and information warfare vulnerabilities. Actionable process improvement business intelligence is a significant incidental benefit.

Pattern of Life Modeling

Process ecosystems are emergent, self organizing, and may modeled. Our advanced AI simulates emerging configurations, monitor ecosystem health, and emergent behaviors. Algorithmic process models provide data-driven simulation input parameters for near-term predictive insights. For example: an agricultural grow process.

Petabyte Scale Analysis

America is turning its attention to the increasingly contested environment of space. Space assets and small satellite constellations offer data which is publicly accessible. Monitoring geographies of interest and equipment resilience are major areas of focus. See our petabyte bench marking analysis.

Information Warfare

Understanding complex corporate, social, cultural, and governmental processes identifies human and human-machine information vulnerabilities. DoD, NATO, and FVEY allies need comprehensive “Red Team” and shareable methodologies to steel against the information onslaught.

See also the FOCAL IW-D™ Standard.

Weaponized Bot Elucidation

Process technologies help illuminate choreographed information warfare attack vectors with explainable AI.

See: Draft Journal Article