Process Mining

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This Process Mining White Paper and Presentation offer a general process mining overview.

FOCAL Information Warfare Defense StandardTM: This Information Warfare Defense Standard helps public and private critical infrastructure participants defend against the growing information and cognitive threat, which is fueled by weaponized AI. It may also facilitate a whole-of-society effort to protect freedom and individual liberty. Five interlocking  tenets help organizations shift culture, train the workforce, identify vulnerabilities, prepare for and recover from attack, and contribute to the community as a vested stakeholder. This short article offers and introduction, and a detailed technical paper accompanies the standard, as well. The FOCAL Information Warfare Defense StandardTM is available for free. Contact us to request a copy.

Process Mining: The Missing Capability in Information Warfare. This draft journal article describes novel, scalable, and extensible process-oriented methodologies not currently part of the United States’ informational warfare solution set.

Use Case: Protecting Critical Infrastructures: Financial Services. The American homeland is under attack. State and non-state actors are targeting vulnerabilities continually. This paper presents bleeding edge cyber and information warfare techniques to protect the financial services sector–one of America’s critical infrastructures as defined by the Department of Homeland Security.

Process Mining as a Platform Plug-in. Interested in Customer Journey Mapping? This paper discusses how process mining provides extreme value, at scale, for software platforms with large client/user bases.

Process Mining in a DoD Context. This paper articulates the necessity of adopting process mining technologies across the Department of Defense (DoD) and adjacent national security agencies in order to ensure America remains the premier global power in today’s emerging inter-state competitive environment.

Easing Organizational Change. Interested in mergers and acquisitions or re-orgs? Check this out.

Major New IT System Implementations. Process Mining eases the disruption caused by new system adoptions and outputs an improved solution.